Alex Welch is a sculptor and blacksmith. He works mostly in steel, ferrous and non ferrous metals, combining them to produce various sized structures and forms that convey the chosen subject matter in an exaggerated or morphed fashion. Mostly based on the natural world, his work is a reflection of an ongoing process of exploration and experimentation in the materials, their form and finish.

His pieces are reflections of an ongoing exploration and investigation into the nature, form and parallels of the inner and outer worlds and the question of human existence. His current body of work entitled ‘Transient Forms’ is a collection of mostly smaller objects depicting an exploration and reflection of transfiguration and existence. The cyclical nature of the passage of life and the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, their capacity for growth, reproduction and continual change. Each form is forged upon a hollow base structure whose overlaying skins of brass or copper have been beaten back to emphasise the skeleton and push the covering material to its physical limits.

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