HIPPOCAMPUS – the meomory of what used to be.

Public sculpture – Ayia napa sculpture park.

Pigmy hippopotamus 10000BC – Extinct.

Constucted on a base skeleton of steel, overlayed with stitched 1.5mm steel plate and entombed in a bed of concrete.

A larger than life representation of the pigmy hippopotamus, driven to extinction by the early settlers. An evolving piece, conveying the impermenance of what is or was, it will be for the viewer to witness in time the slow decay via natural weathering. First the skin will rust through revealing the skeletal structure beneath, over time that too will corrode to a puddle of rust  to stain the concrete, leaving a shadow of what used to be.

Note : the concrete bed was originally requested to encase the sculpture up 10cm from its base, thereby leaving a “fossil” in the concrete at the end of its life.